• Director of an International Humanitarian Association from 2004 to 2008,•
  • Since 2009: founder and CEO of a Fundraising / Crowdfunding/Sustainable Development consulting agency,
  • Speaker (Europe and USA) and teacher.

Numerous trips (almost 25% of the countries of this planet) put him in touch with the painful reality of certain populations but also with the incredible potential of the latter in terms of Social Economy and sustainable projects... After having focused on "healing the wounds", he decided to work to support the projects allowing a real economic development of these populations while encouraging the European populations to consume sustainably ...

Julie du Chemin & Pascal de Sutter

Product Managers

Sexologists, therapists, teachers, lecturers and authors.

Together, they decided to found the Academy of the Arts of Love in response to the fact that there is still far too much suffering in this world because of the lack of love and respect for sexuality.

They travel around the world (Belgium, France, Switzerland, Algeria, Canada, Reunion, New Caledonia ...) to sow more love and share their knowledge to professionals and individuals.

Tthey have jst published at Robert Laffont "The twelve universal laws of love and sexual happiness".

They present Prime Time TV shows such as "The Belgians, Love and Sex" (RTL), "The French, Love and Sex" (M6), and "Married at first sight" (RTL & M6).


Sales and Export Manager

  • Business Development in Middle East, Asia and Northern Europe - SME, specialized in the development and transformation of precious wood interiors for luxury cars and pleasure boats,
  • 22 years in a Mutuality of which 8 years as a Responsible Coordinator for the 5 agencies renting and selling medical equipment.

At 51, he wants to invest in something else, to meet new challenges. Facing climate issues that concern us all, sensitive to the well-being of less favoured populations and sustainable development, he decided to join Eric in the "sustainable pleasures project" in addition to his salaried activity. For a greener world, we talk about changing our behaviour in terms of work, mobility and leisure. What about intimacy...?

Our story

After more than 20 years in the Not for profit field and Sustainable Development Consulting, the idea to open our online shop came to us during a Dinner with African friends. We have discovered the unsuspected resources from Africa to enhance the couple's private moments, and we got this crazy idea to help organic producers and craftstwomen/men from vulnerable populations (from Europe and Africa) by selling their products to help other people enjoy "Sustainable Pleasures" in both meanings...