About us

This project was born from the union of Cooperatives from developing countries and a Sustainable Development Consultant. The idea of federating these skills came from a long experience forged during frequent trips to countries in difficulties and the identification of the great potential, know-how of local craftswomen/men and producers.

We prefer that craftswomen/men and producers benefit from our sales rather than paying for professional photos or marketing campaigns but be reassured, less Marketing does not mean less quality.

Our story

After more than 20 years in the Not for profit field and Sustainable Development Consulting, the idea to open our online shop came to us during a Dinner with African friends. We have discovered the unsuspected resources from Africa to enhance the couple's private moments, and we got this crazy idea to help organic producers and craftstwomen/men from vulnerable populations (from Europe and Africa) by selling their products to help other people enjoy "Sustainable Pleasures" in both meanings...