Our business is essentially sustainable, we work with producers and crafswomen/men from developing countries. However, we wanted to do more ... Of course, many causes deserve our support, however, the cause we decided to support with our donations is a cause that is not simple, for which it is more difficult to mobilize. We decided to donate 5% of our turnover to Not for profits fighting:

  • against excision. One in three women has been a victim of violence around the world. In France, a woman is killed by her partner every three days. 40% of cases of domestic violence begin during the first pregnancy. 7% of women will be raped during their lifetime. 86% of rapes or attempts are perpetrated by relatives. 720 million girls are victims of early marriages. Almost 130 million women have been excised. 3.6 billion euros per year: this is the cost of violence against women, in terms of social assistance, care and production capacity,
  • For LGBT rights. Today, 69 states are penalizing lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender people with jail, torture, death penalty or forced labour. In 13 countries, Homosexuality is punishable by death ...(source).

From contraception to abortion, excision care, rape or physical or psychological violence, within the family, conjugal or other environment, the team of the House of the women offer the most adapted care.

•Founded in 2009, the PlanetRomeo Foundation funds projects and initiatives located in Countries or Regions where the need is greater:

  • 225 funded projects,
  • 85 Countries,
  • More than 900 000 € funding in 10 years.