Our business is essentially sustainable, we work with producers and craftswomen/men from developing countries. However, we wanted to do more ... We decided to donate 5% of our turnover to Not for profits, we selected :

  • Prince Manvendra Singh Gohil Foundation fighting for LGBT rights,
  • Exisgay,
  • Ongoing talks with Why me Belgium. Today, 69 states are penalizing lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender people with jail, torture, death penalty or forced labor. In 13 countries, Homosexuality is punishable by death ...(source)

Of course, many causes deserve our support, the education of children for example and on this subject we act by ensuring that no child is working to produce what we sell and we encourage our suppliers to ensure schooling for children.

However, the cause we decided to support with our donations is a cause that is not simple, for which it is more difficult to mobilize. In our countries, these rights are relatively well respected (although much remains to be done and the LGBT community is still the target of sometimes violent attacks) but we must not forget that these rights are recent, that Homosexuality was still penalized not so long ago in countries that still carry the ideals of equality and that these rights are simply not considered to be in place in many countries.