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Organic soap is a salt of fatty acids, which are based of natural oils, by saponification with alkali. It is the most natural way to get a soap that consists of salts of fatty acids and glycerine. Before completely cooling this mass, add essential oils and organic additives (flowers of lavender, kelp, coffee, etc.). Usually we use organic oils of palm, coconut and olive, in some types of soap we add butter or Shea butter.

What is a difference between organic soap and usual soap, which is sold in the nearest supermarket? The answer is, of course, the composition! Typically, a soap from a supermarket consists of chemical surfactants, such as coco-sulphate or lauryl sulfate, and this is only half of bad things. This soap usually includes chemical flavours and other ingredients. Same time our soaps are a 100% organic product, the composition includes only oils, the base ones of which are soap received, and essential oils that are added manually into the finished soap mass.

These soaps do not contain flavors, parabens, sulphates and other chemical components that are found in a chemical soap from a regular supermarket. These are perfectly safe soaps for skin care, the formulation of these soaps were developed by our chemists and aromatherapists. The soaps is 100% organic soaps with a balanced pH and perfect compositions of essential oils. All these make our soap to be not only safe and organic, but also with aromatherapy effect.

Choose our organic soaps - these are safe and natural skin care products! If you are not indifferent to your health and the health of your family members, then our products are made for you!