Julie (blindfold)

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An omnipresent accessory for erotic games, the blindfold is the most magical. It plunges the submissive into the dark, hide hsi/hers eyes from the dominant.

For a submissive person, to be blinded is not to see anymore and therefore no longer to be able to anticipate. The anxiety is stronger, the apprehension makes the emotions intense, and the senses are easily deceived.

Deprived of the vision, the subject then develops perceptions from the other senses. With hearing he/she can imagine where the dominant person is, if there are others. With the smell to know who it is and where. As for the touch, it is the sense that will allow her/him to move according to the desires of the Master. To take possession of sight is to take possession of the other. Because the blindfold also changes the perception of the dominant person. She/he no longer has the gaze of the other, a look that can be precious to know what she/he feels, adapt, react better. But it can be so intimidating, afraid of not being up to it. So the banner is paradoxical. It creates a greater distance that allows the dominant person to get a little out of the grip of the submissive! But the responsibility is even greater!